Book Review: “Too Good To Be True” by Carola Lovering

Book Summary

One love story. Two marriages. Three versions of the truth. How could those 10 words on the back cover of this book not suck you in?

Skye Starling is young, beautiful and comes from a family with money, so she can pretty much get whatever she wants, right? From the outsider’s perspective, it would seem that way but after Skye’s mom died when she was only 11, she has battled severe OCD that has made it difficult for her to live a “normal” life.

Then one day, Burke – an older, handsome man – walks into Skye’s life. Burke appears to be the mature man that Skye is looking for in a partner (and her OCD doesn’t matter to him) but once we see another side of Burke through letters that have been written to his therapist, it’s soon revealed that he’s not who he says he is.

In addition to Skye and Burke’s current day perspective, we also get Heather’s POV, Burke’s lover from 30 years prior. How does she tie in to the story? Will what happened in the past stay in the past?

My Thoughts

I’ve been on a give-me-all-the-Carola-Lovering-books kick since reading Tell Me Lies last month (before watching the new show on Hulu, of course!) and this one didn’t disappoint. Similar to Can’t Look Away, this book is told from multiple view points – Skye, Burke and Heather – which I enjoyed.

I thought I had the story figured out from the beginning, but after a few twists and turns, I was happy to be wrong. If you’re going to read this book, I’d encourage you to stick with it even if you’re rolling your eyes in the beginning thinking, “This is predictable,” because I assure you, you won’t see what’s coming! I can’t wait for more books by Carola Lovering.

Most Memorable Moment

“Even when it’s the hardest choice, even when it feels absolutely impossible, you’ve got to choose it. You’ve got to choose it and keep fighting for it, over and over, no matter what.”


  • Book: Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Genre: suspense, domestic fiction, psychological fiction
  • Stars: 4/5
  • Burn speed: just right
  • Steam level: 2/5
  • Suspense level: medium
  • Conclusion: worth the read

Ready to read? Add Too Good To Be True to your cart.

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